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Patient Experiences

Everyone I encountered at Inspire was helpful and positive. Angela was very warm and helpful during the pre-surgery process. The anesthesiologist was very informative, and I knew he would take great care of me during my procedure. Dr. Reid was amazing! He made me feel very comfortable during the pre-surgery process and put my husband at ease (I think he was more nervous than me). Debra's aftercare was great! She anticipated my needs and made me very comfortable after the surgery during my overnight stay. Thank you all for taking such great care of me!

This was one of the best medical experiences I've had including those for myself and my family. I felt so well cared for and trusted everyone I came in contact with. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for making something that was a bit scary as easy and comfortable as possible. Thank you.

I am still recovering, but my experience thus far has exceeded my expectations. I feel that I was treated with both compassion and respect by nurses, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Gordon. All my many questions were answered, and I was treated with care at every stage of the process. My caregiver and I were very impressed with our experience.