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Overnight Patients

Overnight Patients: What to Expect

Some patients may be required by their surgeon to stay the night at Inspire following their surgery.  Other patients may choose to stay the night if they feel the immediate aftercare may be too complex for their caregiver.  Your surgeon’s office will coordinate your overnight stay prior to the day of surgery.  If you are interested in staying the night, please contact your surgeon’s office to receive options and pricing for nursing care following your surgery.

Some things you should know if you stay the night at Inspire Surgery Centre:

  • During your stay you will be cared for by a registered nurse.
  • Our overnight nursing staff has worked with us for many years and they take pride in providing excellent care to all our patients. Many of them work in other nursing fields when they are not caring for patients at Inspire.  You will be the only patient at Inspire, and therefore you will receive individualized, one to one care and attention from your nurse. 
  • The nurse will monitor your vital signs hourly as well as check your bandages and drains (if you have them) frequently throughout the night.
  • You may have an indwelling catheter in your bladder during your stay at Inspire. This helps the overnight nurse adequately monitor your output and prevents you from having to make multiple trips to the bathroom.  The catheter will be removed in the morning prior to the arrival of the of your caregiver.
  • All your post-operative medications will be started by the overnight nurse. The nurse will give a comprehensive list to your caregiver so that they may resume your medication schedule once you are home.
  • The nurse will be getting you up out of bed 1-2 times during your stay at Inspire
  • Be sure to bring your cell phone with you to the surgery center. Our phone system switches over the voicemail after 5pm, so we will often use your cell phone to keep in contact with your caregiver during your overnight stay at Inspire.
  • We keep a minimal amount of snacks on hand at Inspire. Things like apple sauce, crackers, soup, chips, sodas, bottled water, and sparkling water are available to our overnight patients.  If you have a special diet or would like to bring something to eat after your surgery, you may do so.  We have a refrigerator, microwave, and a toaster available to store and prepare foods at Inspire.
  • We have heaters and cozy blankets to keep you comfortable during your stay at Inspire. You are more than welcome to bring a blanket and/or pillow from home if you feel like it will make you more comfortable.
  • Due to state and national regulations on keeping patients overnight in our facility, you must be discharged no later than 6am the morning following your surgery. We ask that your caregiver arrive no later than 5:30am to the surgery center the morning after your surgery. 
  • Most of our patients end up sleeping a large majority of their stay at Inspire. We do not have TVs in the overnight stay area, so feel free to bring your tablet, laptop, or a book if you think you may be alert enough for them following surgery.  We will keep all your belongings safely stored during your surgery.
  • You may bring any post-operative medications with you to the surgery. We ask that you leave ALL NARCOTIC PAIN MEDICATION AND MUSCLE RELAXERS AT HOME.  We do have most post-operative medications on hand at Inspire, so for most patients it is not necessary to bring any medications with you.